Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sydney's 2nd Birthday

Wow once again i am a horrible blogger slash photographer. I have been slacking on pictures especially Sydney's 2nd birthday. And i was slacking in the cake making department this year as well apparently.  Sydney had 3 birthday parties so we did plenty of celebrating and she got spoiled a ton. Sydney's birthday is March 24th and we had a March birthday party early that month for my sister Shannon and nieces Jenna and Bailey who all have March birthdays. The cousins did a gift exchange and grandma had fun games for them as well. I am sure between my sister and mom we aren't low on pictures but because i am anxious to catch up on the blog i am going to go ahead and just post the few i have. We then celebrated a party with the Reese side of the family and then did another birthday party with Bailey and Sydney at the end of the month.
 Birthday cupcakes made by Lindsey :)
 Birthday girls plus Brooklyn

 Sydney and Bailey each having a turn getting sung to with the lovely store bought cake

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