Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sydney's 2nd Birthday

Wow once again i am a horrible blogger slash photographer. I have been slacking on pictures especially Sydney's 2nd birthday. And i was slacking in the cake making department this year as well apparently.  Sydney had 3 birthday parties so we did plenty of celebrating and she got spoiled a ton. Sydney's birthday is March 24th and we had a March birthday party early that month for my sister Shannon and nieces Jenna and Bailey who all have March birthdays. The cousins did a gift exchange and grandma had fun games for them as well. I am sure between my sister and mom we aren't low on pictures but because i am anxious to catch up on the blog i am going to go ahead and just post the few i have. We then celebrated a party with the Reese side of the family and then did another birthday party with Bailey and Sydney at the end of the month.
 Birthday cupcakes made by Lindsey :)
 Birthday girls plus Brooklyn

 Sydney and Bailey each having a turn getting sung to with the lovely store bought cake

Sydney's Disasters (18mon-2yr)

I forgot how busy toddlers get and when you step away for a second the messes they can make and things they can get into :) Curious Sydney and Silly Talan for knowing better but joining in on the fun. Look at me being positive and calling Talan's mess making encouragement silly and not naughty. It is something we can look back and laugh about but at the time i definitely wouldn't say silly Talan because like all kids if its silly and funny they want to do it again
This doesn't look that bad, just like she had a messy dinner. No what you don't see is the barbecue sauce all over the table and it was mid morning so not time to eat anything with barbecue sauce.

 Helping herself to more food out of the pantry this time. Yummy popcorn and a bag of chips. Luckily the bag of chips didn't get opened.
                 Her paint mess which Talan was totally involved with. Because she cannot reach the paints but Talan can and i found her swiping the paint brush across her eye over and over but not really knowing what she was doing. I definitely think this is Talan's art work on Sydneys face.
They dumped out a huge box of goldfish crackers and decided to smash them into pieces all over the table and floor.
 Pretty lipstick on my cheeks!!! Oh how many times i find her applying my makeup and eating all of the chap stick in the house.


Valentines Day 2012

On actual Valentines Day my sister Gretchen brought her girls over for crafts and dinner because her husband Bart was out of town and Joe had night classes for school. The kids each colored these fun masks and then the minute we turned on a movie to get dinner made i can't believe all four of them were in a trance.  
Sydney trying to get one eye looking through the hole.

Yes Talan is missing a front tooth at the age of 3. I will have to do a post on how he lost it. Yikes!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Winter 2011

Christmas morning 2011
Talan and his snowman
 Christmas lights at the CDA resort

                                                                  Christmas craft day with the Reese girls
                                  Eating cookies in front of the fire at great grandma reeses on christmas eve

Halloween party 2011

This past Halloween Grandma Moore planned a very fun Halloween party for the grandkids. I was expecting us to come over for some fun crafts and treats but i totally wasn't thinking we were supposed to dress up in halloween costumes until we got there and both grandma and grandpa were dressed up and then bailey and brooklyn showed up in their princess costumes. The kids were a little worried seeing grandma dressed up as a clown with a wig on but finally warmed up to her. Talan had a skeleton shirt on and we found an old crayon costume that fit sydney so we ended up being somewhat in costume. Grandma had spooky halloween music on as we ate fun treats, painted pumpkins, played games such as pin the tie on frankenstein, musical chairs and pumkin bowling. The kids had a blast.

October 2011

Every October we take a trip up to Greenbluff and participate in the festivities. This year instead of going with our husbands, Grandma Reese took Ashley and I along with mia, talan, and sydney. We had a great day filled with yummy treats, rides, a maze and picking out pumpkins. 

Sydney was not too happy at first and then in the picture below you can see her face as soon as the ride began. 
Shortly after i noticed sydney was not in the barrel anymore and started to panic. Since Talan wouldn't let her out while the ride was going she decided to climb down in the barrel and take a ride by talan's feet.

                                                                         Train ride!

                                                             Yummy Caramel apple!
                                                                 Pumpkin Patch!

Racing through the maze with their treasure map to lead the way to the treasure. Next time we will remember just how long it takes to do a corn maze with two toddlers.

End of Summer

More pictures from the end of summer 2011